what just happened?

My studio lease expires at the end of this October. Since Nate and i are leaving for Portland in December, i gave notice on the space to move out at that time. I was extremely torn about it; i wanted to keep the space through December so that i could do all of my families one last time. But it wasn’t possible.

Last week my landlord started showing the space to prospective tenants. I mentioned that if they needed to move in a little early, that i can accommodate that, i just need about 2 weeks to vacate. “you know, if they want to move in October 15th instead of November 1st”… I got a call yesterday that a new tenant is leasing the space, contingent on me being out by August 25th. WHAT?!

I thought about it. I’m so packed with weddings August and September, and i would be starting to move out October 17th anyway…. So i caved. After 3 weeks of moving and prepping my house, i had a day of rest and now i have to do the studio. Of course, i am out of town this weekend for Tina and Mark’s wedding…. enter Nate.

Nate has been an absolute…. wow. He has been amazing during our whole transition, handling everything while i still worked and held up other obligations. Right now he is making me blueberry pancakes. ;) He’s going to spend his weekend packing my studio and doing any repairs etc. Isn’t he a doll?

There are contingency studios for my upcoming portrait sessions. I have a few great friends that are excited to let me use their spaces when i need too.  AWESOMENESS.

My pancakes are ready. ;)