Dec 08


*** We’ve moved! ***

alison and Nate have packed up and moved west- to Portland, OR!

Unfortunately we are no longer booking portrait sessions in MI.  Wedding coverage is still available with paid travel expenses.

bates photographic will still be operating at full capacity; All of our clients’ images will still be available, as well as any products associated. We will still have a MI based liaison Our designer, Mandi, will be meeting with any clients who still have outstanding products on their packages. She will also have a full line of sample albums for demonstration.


We are a small team of creative minds.  Mandi, Nichole and i handle everything from the photography, to the design, to the business of being in business!  When you call or email, you will be talking to one of us directly.  We are fluid and flexible in our day to day workings, and the freedom is lovely!


We live busy lives. In addition to shooting weddings, portraits, and loads of other fun stuff, alison spends a lot of time taking classes, going to conferences, playing with her dogs, and recuperating!

Mandi enjoys spending lots and lots of time with her children, playing and being involved in school and extra curricular activities.  In addition, Mandi is always taking classes!  If you are working with Mandi, you know she is dedicated and getting your designs done!

This doesn’t mean that we are unavailable, by all means we are more available!  But it does mean we might be in our cars or in a class when you call… so just leave a voice mail or drop an email.  alison lives by her iPhone, so you will never go long without hearing from her!  (If you do, there must be some kind of technology error- touch base and harass us!)  Do keep in mind, however, that most Friday- Sundays, we are probably shooting a wedding. ;)


We have closed our Clawson studio in preparation for our move. However, we have a few fantabulous photography friends who are allowing us to use their spaces when needed.

Thanks for checking in!