Nov 10

Emily, Brad, and Colin -> family portrait

I loved seeing Brad and Emily again! I photographed Brad’s sister’s wedding a few years back, and it was super good times. Now we add in little Colin, with the cutest cheeks ever! Heaven!

Oct 10

Heather, Brent & Moppy dog-> family portrait

It is always a great opportunity to go on location for portrait sessions- and Heather & Brent’s place was no exception. What a beautiful home, yard, neighborhood… And this family is so loving! Heather says it is their first professional portrait, which i find hard to believe since they were so natural and perfect in how they came together to make these images!

Moppy… you are so cute!

Oct 10

Matt & Sarah-> 09.18.10

I love getting referrals from friends! Matt, Sarah, and i were actually in a wedding together back in 2007 (wow, has it been that long for Carrie and Scott?), and we had a blast!

Can you believe that the rain cleared up for us just in time to get outside for some great photos? Things were a little wet, but Matt & Sarah didn’t let that hold them back from enjoying the colors at Canterbury Village.

(Special thanks to Rebecca for helping me out!)

Sep 10

Madaline -> 9 month portrait

Well, she’s crawling!

It is amazing to see all of Madaline’s facial expressions– so many are the same ones that she has had all along. And the new ones, well, hilarious to say the least. She is definitely a personality, positively happy, and ever inquisitive (especially about buttons on couches- haha).

Thank you again to John and Lora for bringing her in- love love.

Sep 10

Todd & Melissa ->08.28.10

I had been looking forward to this wedding all summer. An adorable couple, absolutely awesome line-up of vendors, and a gorgeous location. When Melissa and i first met, we chatted for hours! I remember her telling me that Todd would love me because i rescue animals and have all natural soaps and mouthwashes in the studio bathroom. Haha  Well, we were an awesome team that made awesome photographs with each other. Their love and happiness is easy to see, contagious, and breathtaking.

And, let me tell you, what a fantabulous group with which to party the night away!!!¬† Because, after all, Todd did serenade Melissa with the NKOTB song “Cover Girl”. HILARITY!!

Wedding Coordinator: Amanda Freeman, Bliss Weddings and Events

Ceremony/Reception: MSU CE Lewis Arboretum

DJ: Sara Gharacheh, Platinum Mix

Video: Andy Owen, Owen Video

Forist: Corrine Sebesta, Sebesta Designs

Catering: A Movable Feast

Photographer: ME!