Nov 10

this technical thing happened…

… I don’t want to bore you with the details. It is fixed now.

Some of my saved emails have been lost. Only emails i sent from one particular computer. Basically recent emails i sent between 11.05.10 and 11.14.10. I’m not sure how older emails i sent have been affected.

So, if i can’t remember what i told you in that last email… SORRY!

(if you must know, it was Mail.app->IMAP->SERVER folder thing. And it won’t happen again)

Aug 10

Carbon offset of the bloggity

You may have read in my philosophy section of the website that i try, pretty hard, to be a greenie. Running a business inevitably leads to more paperwork, more electricity, more products, and more consumption in general, than what would be “normal” for an individual. My reduce/reuse/recycle mantra is a mainstay with bates photographic.  The first action in any green ambition is to not waste. To not waste, you must not buy beyond your needs. “Reduce” means just that, i don’t buy a lot of stuff- which is true in my personal life as well. When clients buy from me, i drop ship whenever possible. That means that print orders go straight to the client from my lab- skipping the yucky waste of shipping to me, than me shipping to you. Reduce. “Reuse”, i think, is the action in this circle that my clients see the most. I reuse boxes from my vendors, packing supplies, paper etc etc. Which rocks, because it helps me reduce my purchasing as well. Guess what, it also lowers costs, which i pass on to all of my clients.  Clients are also welcome to return print and album boxes that they won’t reuse for either a print credit or a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation. “Recycle”, well, that’s easy. I recycle EVERYTHING…

The hardest part, for me, about working to be greentastic is electricity. I’ll be honest, i can’t afford solar panels. Not many can. I did find a pretty sweet solar powered flood light for my backyard, but that doesn’t help me run all my gear. I try to work around this as much as possible.  ALL of my camera, flash, and strobe batteries are rechargeable.  My storage drives are WD GreenPower external hard drives, and they get powered down whenever they are not in use.  I also work with window light as much as possible. I’m pretty militant about shutting down printers, scales, and drives. All those items are plugged into a separate power-strip that i simply turn off.

Which brings me, sort of, to my point!  This week, the CarbonFund facebook page announced that they are offering free carbon offsets for blogs that receive less than 5000 hits per day (that’s me). I already use CarbonFund to offset my shipping and electrical footprint, so i thought this provided a great opportunity to spread the word.

(There are quite a few ways to make your web life more fab-green-ulous. You may have noticed that my blog goes “to sleep” after inactivity. This is a simple plugin by Online Leaf. While the web page dimming feature really only saves energy for viewers using CRT monitors, Online Leaf also hides intensive animations and pauses background processes on the site.)

“Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.”


Aug 10

what just happened?

My studio lease expires at the end of this October. Since Nate and i are leaving for Portland in December, i gave notice on the space to move out at that time. I was extremely torn about it; i wanted to keep the space through December so that i could do all of my families one last time. But it wasn’t possible.

Last week my landlord started showing the space to prospective tenants. I mentioned that if they needed to move in a little early, that i can accommodate that, i just need about 2 weeks to vacate. “you know, if they want to move in October 15th instead of November 1st”… I got a call yesterday that a new tenant is leasing the space, contingent on me being out by August 25th. WHAT?!

I thought about it. I’m so packed with weddings August and September, and i would be starting to move out October 17th anyway…. So i caved. After 3 weeks of moving and prepping my house, i had a day of rest and now i have to do the studio. Of course, i am out of town this weekend for Tina and Mark’s wedding…. enter Nate.

Nate has been an absolute…. wow. He has been amazing during our whole transition, handling everything while i still worked and held up other obligations. Right now he is making me blueberry pancakes. ;) He’s going to spend his weekend packing my studio and doing any repairs etc. Isn’t he a doll?

There are contingency studios for my upcoming portrait sessions. I have a few great friends that are excited to let me use their spaces when i need too.  AWESOMENESS.

My pancakes are ready. ;)


Jun 10

we’re moving!

Dec 09

New Year Update

It’s that time of year again where we evaluate our previous years packages, prices, and products.  We evaluate our packages based on updated vendor pricing, trends in package customization, and changing products.  We also update the products we offer based on quality and the availability of new items.

The 2010 investment guide, located on the main site under “info -> investment”, is now available.

The 2010 album prices have been updated here on the blog, under catagoy “info -> albums”.

Our print prices will remain the same, as will our current portrait prices!

Please let me know if you have any questions!