Nov 10

Emily, Brad, and Colin -> family portrait

I loved seeing Brad and Emily again! I photographed Brad’s sister’s wedding a few years back, and it was super good times. Now we add in little Colin, with the cutest cheeks ever! Heaven!

Oct 10

Heather, Brent & Moppy dog-> family portrait

It is always a great opportunity to go on location for portrait sessions- and Heather & Brent’s place was no exception. What a beautiful home, yard, neighborhood… And this family is so loving! Heather says it is their first professional portrait, which i find hard to believe since they were so natural and perfect in how they came together to make these images!

Moppy… you are so cute!

Sep 10

Madaline -> 9 month portrait

Well, she’s crawling!

It is amazing to see all of Madaline’s facial expressions– so many are the same ones that she has had all along. And the new ones, well, hilarious to say the least. She is definitely a personality, positively happy, and ever inquisitive (especially about buttons on couches- haha).

Thank you again to John and Lora for bringing her in- love love.

Sep 10

Alexis -> Newborn Portrait

Momma Suzie and i have been working together since this fun wedding back in 2007 or so. Suzie is the fantabulous owner and creator behind Colorbar Creative- she is an amazing artist, and a great friend. It was always my pleasure to photograph her stationary works for her portfolio. And i was honored to photograph her sister’s wedding, and her sister’s baby as well. When i found out that Suzie and Don were expecting, i was super excited and could not wait to get their little one in front of my camera. My excitement was only tempered by the fact that i knew i wasn’t going to be in MI long enough to document her babe’s preciousness more than once.  I am so grateful that Suzie had me over to her home to photograph little Alexis and her newness. Thank you Suzie and Don and Alexis- you guys are truly great.

Jun 10

Madaline -> 6 month portrait

i absolutely love it when i get to see Madaline, Lora, and John come to the studio. They fill my heart with love and laughter. Watching Madaline grow is an experience i am so happy to share with them.