Jan 11

Jeff & Nichole -> 10.08.10

With everything going on with our move, i never got the chance to blog Jeff & Nichole’s wedding. Now that i am officially settled (read: unpacked) here in Portland, i think it is time to catch up.

Nichole has been my second photographer for… wow, since 2006. It seems very fitting that she and Jeff’s would have my last, full wedding before leaving MI. I love Nichole and Jeff with all of my heart. They are wonderful, perfect together, and truly happy souls. I felt that so strongly while capturing their wedding day. I can’t put to words how honored i was to be there, with them, as a friend and artist.

Thank you, Nichole and Jeff, thank you for being you, and trusting me to capture that.

Jan 11

Matthew & Hilary -> 10.30.10

Matthew and Hilary were married in NY earlier in the month, however they hosted a spectacular party in MI to celebrate with friends and family who were not able to make it into the city. I’m so glad that Hilary touched base with me, even though she thought i would already be in Portland at the time of their event! Their family and friends were fantastic to work with and loads of fun. Hilary and Matthew are a dream together, and i would gladly photograph them again!

Dec 10

Elements Album Sale


I happen to have three Simple Elements Albums amongst my belongings, and since i do not keep stock on hand, i would like to sell them!*

(1) 5×7″ 10 page, Lady Luck (red), horizontal bind: $125 $50 (GONE!)

(1) 5×7″ 20 page, Texas Tea (black), horizontal bind: $125 $75

(1) 5×7″ 40 page Blue Moon, vertical bind: $355 $150

It is too late to order custom Elements Albums for the holidays. However, since we have these three on hand, we can get them to you in the next 2 weeks!

First come, first serve. Just shoot me an email.

*Prices include prints, but not sales tax and shipping.

Nov 10

this technical thing happened…

… I don’t want to bore you with the details. It is fixed now.

Some of my saved emails have been lost. Only emails i sent from one particular computer. Basically recent emails i sent between 11.05.10 and 11.14.10. I’m not sure how older emails i sent have been affected.

So, if i can’t remember what i told you in that last email… SORRY!

(if you must know, it was Mail.app->IMAP->SERVER folder thing. And it won’t happen again)

Nov 10

Dan & Ann-> 10.02.10

Dan and Ann celebrated their wedding day with a small, mid-day gathering of close friends and family… and me! We had so much fun at the beautiful Henry Ford Estates, even though the rain kept us mostly indoors. This is where i used to go, back in the 90′s, to practice photography and complete some of my college assignments, so it was perfect to revisit with such a wonderful couple for one of my last MI weddings.

There are so many nice things to say about Dan and Ann. They are kind and gracious, very fun, and very in love. Thank you so much for including us!

Special thanks to Rebecca for being such a wonderful 2nd/ assistant on this day!!!